Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, simply click on "My Groups" on the Activity page, click on "Create a Group" and begin inviting your friends.
Enterprise versions of this program are available for organizations. Email us at and we'll get back to you.
Yes. In fact, the most effective way to quit smoking is some combination of drug and therapy.
We recommend three weeks or 21 days to slowly cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke until you get to zero. If you feel you're ready to quit earlier, then great! Once you've quit, you can always use our program to help you stay quit!
A famous mindfulness teacher and researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn definines mindfulness as "paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally." What else is mindfulness good for? Mindfulness has been proven to work to treat a number of conditions including chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, and (yes!) addiction.

Craving to Quit is based on a smoking cessation program developed and tested by Judson Brewer MD/PhD, Assistant Professor of psychiatry at Yale University. A clinical trial of this program delivered as a group-based in-person training over 4 weeks yielded a 36% quit rate that largely persisted 4 months later (31%). This was twice as effective when compared head-to-head to the leading quit smoking therapy, "Freedom from Smoking" after 4 weeks. You can read about the published results here.
When people came to us for this training in-person, they had tried to quit on average 6 times before. Yes, 6 times! This training is different because it helps people work with and dismantle the addictive loop that is set up each time we smoke. And we have scientific data that proves this (see article here).