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Based on Program with 2X the Quit Rate

Craving to Quit is 21 day mindfulness-based wellness program based on a successful smoking cessation curriculum developed and tested at Yale, and proven to be twice as effective as the leading quit smoking therapy, "Freedom from Smoking."


Rigorous Approach & Scientific Design

Top tier funding sources and collaborators

Craving to Quit's research is supported by top tier funding resources and collabrators, including, the Yale University Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic, the National Institutes of Health, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.


How it works


Keep track of your cigarettes and your progress. We’ll give you a daily cigarette allowance and slowly walk you down to zero, and remind you how much money you’re saving as you kick the habit for good.



You will receive multiple reminders a day to check-in with yourself and help bring your attention and awareness to that moment. These check-ins are critical for breaking habits building new patterns of awareness.



The Want-O-Meter is an in-the-moment tool to walk you through the cravings and give you the choice to either mindfully smoke, or "surf the urge" and overcome the craving in that moment.


Activity Journal

Over the 21 days you will be using this app a lot. That’s how it works. We document this usage in a way that is easy to read and understand so that you can glance through and begin to notice when cravings occur, what triggers the craving, when you smoke cigarettes, and additional notes and information throughout the journey.

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Business Solution

Bring this program into your organization

Craving to Quit's evidence-based approach is ideally suited for the workplace. We work with organizations, brokers and insurance providers to incorporate this program into their wellness and preventative health agendas. To learn more about enterprise pricing, as well as the research and evidence-based approach please contact us at