Why our program works

Based on a Program with 2X the Quit Rate

Craving to Quit® is a 21 day mindfulness-based wellness program based on a successful smoking cessation curriculum developed and tested at Yale, and proven to be twice as effective as a leading quit smoking therapy.

What you get

App-based Program

Learn exercises to manage your cravings.

Coach & Community

Get support when you need it. Share in others' success.

Video Support Group

Live video chat with addictions experts to help you succeed.

What does it cost

You can access the first 3 days of the program for free

For all the content and access to premium features, a subscription is required. We offer monthly and lifetime subscriptions starting at $24.99/month. Click here for more information.

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Business solution

Bring this program into your organization

Craving to Quit®'s evidence-based approach is ideally suited for the workplace. We work with organizations, brokers and insurance providers to incorporate this program into their preventative health agendas. To learn more about enterprise pricing, as well as the research and evidence-based approach please contact us at support@mindsciences.com.